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Planning for retirement does not have to be stressful with the help of Tim Caldwell Financial Services. Located in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, we offer you complete support with pension advice and a variety of other quality financial solutions.

Pound Cost Ravaging

Pound cost ravaging is the name given to the effect on your pension pot when you withdraw capital in a falling market. By taking regular withdrawals while the market is falling, the financial implications for your retirement pot can be dramatic. It means that you only have to get a few years of bad returns in the early years of your retirement that may be almost impossible to recover, even though the longer term average returns from your investments may remain strong

Planning and Advice

You must remember that you are effectively selling your assets when they are worth less. This is because when the price of each unit you hold is lower, more will need to be sold in order to reach your required level of income.

Unfortunately, most savers simply assume that if they select a modest level of regular income, regardless of the activity of the markets, they will be able to carry on indefinitely. In reality, taking regular withdrawals in times of market stress can destroy the health of your pension pot.

You as an investor must regularly adjust your retirement plan and investment strategy to avoid the real risk of running out of money when you retire. The team at Tim Caldwell Financial Services are ready to assist you with helpful advice and guidance on retirement and investments.

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